How important it is to lead a career of interest

What is the importance of leading a career of interest?

Interest is one of the core attributes of humans and it could be said that it delineates us from most of the other life forms. Animals may have interest in sources of food but our interest is much value driven and hence differentiated also. To pursue the activity of one’s choice is one of the many drivers of interest in us, and we always are motivated in accomplishing the task. This fact of the human behavioural theories in itself is rational enough to explain the significance of leading a career of one’s interest and choice. It is pathetic to note that on the contrary, we find innumerable students and aspirants making the discrepant choice while selecting the career that is the life determinant for them all. The reasons for the discrepant choice of career could be many including the pressure from parents and sometimes peers also. Lack of information is yet another potent factor as for why candidates choose the faulty stream.

Why choose a career of one’s interest?

Choosing a career in which there is no inherent interest of the pursuer may lead to poor results. The logic is very simple! The person never finds the core resonance and hence the motivation is always lacking. Without pooling the best of efforts how can we expect the optimized results of the first order? This is the sheer anomaly and the career experts, therefore, today counsel that the career of interest should only be pursued for obtaining the best results. A person who has interest in photography may innovate to add value to the whole profession. On the other hand, that same person may prove to be a failed engineer in professional life! This gap in the results explains the importance of adopting a career that resides in the mind and soul and not the one that is riding the wave or recommended by some person.

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